De Underjordiske

Watercolors on paper, 18x25 cm / 23x30,5 cm

"De Underjordiska var i folktron vänliga om än lite snarstuckna väsen som levde under jorden".

Inspired by the creatures who were believed to live, for example, under hills and mountains.

Förtrollningen ligger därnere

Watercolors on paper

The title for this serie of litte watercolors  comes from one of the most enchanting fairytales I've read: Tuvstarr by Helge Kjellin and became very famous because of John Bauer's beautiful illustrations. "The enchantment lays down there" refers to the lake in the story. I got fascinated by the idea of hidden entities somewhere in the bottom of the lake or among the foggy woods, according to the belief that the fairies dance in the fog.

Scattered Stars

Watercolors on paper, 18x25 cm 

A collection of night paintings made with watercolors

Blandt disse mørcke Graner

Watercolors on paper, 17x22 cm - 18x25 cm 
Once again I took inspiration from my favourite band: Ulver. The title is a line from the lyrics of Bergtatt album. The subject for the paintings is gloomy woods, just like after an autumn rain. I want to try to capture the magic and mistery of the fog. Autumn is my favorite season and my idea of it is a foggy forest, cozy but a little frightening at the same time.


"Hiems" is the latin word for "winter"


Watercolors on paper, 23x30,5 cm 


Acrylic on canvas / Watercolors on paper
I painted these listening to Vintersorg´s first EP, that´s why I chose this title. 

Dusk and dawn

Acrylic on canvas / Watercolors

Minnet, 20x30 cm Watercolors on paper

October, 24x30 cm Acrylic on canvas

Hösthunger, 23x30,5 cm Watercolors on paper

Gryning, 24x30 cm 

Like the dusk, this is a "strange", nearly magical time when the reality is not certain and the chianging repentine.

I like to imagine this moment with the drops of the night that become vapours from the soil and the trees are dressed in fog. 

Drömstilla, 23x30,5 cm Watercolors on paper

Stilla, 24x33 cm 

When night falls..., 30x40 cm Acrylic on canvas

Urskog, 24x30 cm 

Dvala, 25x35 cm

Trolldom, 25x35 cm 

Daggpärlor, 18x24 cm

Skymning, 18x24 cm 

Kvällsro, 15x21 cm

Autumn Aurora, 20x25 cm

The name for this painting comes from the album of one of my favourite bands ever: Drudkh. Their work has always made me dream and many times I fell asleep with their music.

Nostalgi, 10x30 cm 

Aurora Borealis

Acrylic on canvas /Watercolors on paper

Hyperborea 2, 40x90 cm

Skuggorna kretsade, 2,  24x30 cm 

Iperborea, 30x40 cm 

Hyperborea: land that being "beyond" (hence, out of reach of) the North Wind, it was thought to be a blissful paradise.

Northern Lights, 18x25 cm Watercolors on paper

Glödande mörker, 24x30 cm

Bergafångar 2, 19x24 cm Acrylic on canvas

Strålar, 18x24 cm 

Fimbulvetr, 30x50 cm

The terrible and mighty winter that precedes Ragnarök in the Norse mythology.

It was nice to imagine it like a floating aurora-wolf.

Revontulet, 25x35 cm 

The name means "Fox´s fires". According to a finnish legend, the Northern Lights are shaped by a fox running in the sky and leaving sparks with the tail.

Mantle, 30x40 cm 

Skuggorna kretsade, 20x25 cm 

Frozen fire, 28x35 cm

Yverboren, 30x40 cm 

From Svenska Akademiens Ordlista: "romantiskt och överdrivet fosterländsk", 1679.

< Greek "hyperboreos": pertaining to the regions of the far north. From "hyper" and Boreas, name of the god of the North Wind.

Midvintersdröm, 24x30 cm 

Norrsken, 30x30 cm 

Norrskensulv, 20x25 cm 

Misty woods

Acrylic on canvas / Watercolors on paper

Underjordiska, 16x22 cm Acrylic on canvas

Pale Spring, 40x50 cm 

Efter regnet, 24x32 cm Watercolors on paper

After the summer rain.

Höstmörker, 40x90 cm 

November, 16x22 cm Acrylic on canvas

Dyster, 24x32 cm Watercolor on paper

Den Underliga Skogen, 24x30cm

My idea was a wood I got inspired by reading "Bland Tomtar och Troll"

Utanför, 22x27 cm 

Den Underliga Skogen 2, 20x20 cm 

Eismal i ein uggin Skog, 24x32 Watercolors on paper

The title comes from the first song in the album "Bergtatt" by Ulver, a forever favorite!

Swan of Tuonela, 30x40 cm 

Tribute to the "Kalevala´s day" and the Finnish composer Sibelius.

Petrichor, 20x25 cm 

A pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather.

1960s: blend of petro- relating to rocks (the smell is believed to be caused by a liquid mixture of organic compounds which collects in the ground) and ichor. 

Ales Stenar

Acrylic on canvas

Under Stjärnorna 2, 28x35 cm 

Summer Solstice at Ales Stenar, 30x40 cm 

Under Stjärnorna, 30x40 cm


Acrylic on canvas

Nattens Dans, 30x40 cm 

Där videskuggor leker, 28x35 cm 

Falling Up 2, 20x20 cm 

Mysterium, 10x30 cm 

Natt vandring, 10x30 cm

Ursa Major, 20x30 cm 

"To human kind, struggling in a chaotic world, the predictable movements of the stars and planets, the regular alternation of day and night, the repeated appearance and disappearance of the moon, showed that there was basic order in the universe".

Harmonia Arborum, 60x60 cm

"Harmony of trees": I made up this Latin title taking inspiration from some literary/philisophical concepts about "mandala".

Vilse, 30x40 cm 

Inte ensam, 13x18 cm 

Not alone in the forest.

Inner space, 20x20 cm 

Axis Caeli, 20x20 cm 

Pole Star as the center of our nightsky.

Mörksuggor, 30x40 cm 

The "Dark Sow" is a black creature that symbolizes the darkness and the mysticism of the nature in Dalarna province.

Mirkwood, 24x30 cm 

Tolkien explained that the name comes from the Old Norse word myrkviðr (quoted in many poems and meaning "dark wood"), a wide and gloomy forest that divided the lands of the Goths and the Huns. Similar names, derived from the nordic one, became used to call other forests in Europe.

Skogsvistelse, 18x24 cm 

Tinuviel, 10x15 cm 

"The leaves were long, the grass was green,
The hemlock-umbels tall and fair,
And in the glade a light was seen
Of stars in shadow shimmering.
Tinuviel was dancing there
To music of a pipe unseen,
And light of stars was in her hair,
And in her raiment glimmering"

Krona av mörkret, 24x30 cm 

Desire, 10x30 cm 

From Latin "wish for" in the sense of "wait for what the stars will bring". From the phrase "de sidere" = "from the stars".


Acrylic on canvas - Watercolors on paper

I Nattens Glans, 28x35 cm Acrylic on canvas

Tröskeln, 10x30 cm 

Echo of Stars 2, 10x30 cm 

Cygnus Rift, 40x50 cm 

The name refers to one of the dark spots of the MilkyWay, formed by a nebula of dust that covers the brightness in the central part of the Galaxy.

Threshold, 20x30 cm 

Vårnatt, 24x33 cm 

Kosmos, 20x25 cm

Cygnus Rift II, 50x70 cm 

If you look up, 30x40 cm 

Perseids, 28x35 cm 

To celebrate the meteor shower around the 10th of august. The Perseids are so called because of the point from which they appear to come, lies in the constellation Perseus.

April Lyrids, 30x40 cm 

They are a meteor shower. The radiant is located in the constellation Lyra. The peak of the phenomena is around April 22 each year.

Stardust, 30x40 cm 

Abysmal, 25x35 cm 

"There was neither non-existence nor existence then; there was neither the realm of space nor the sky which is beyond" (Rig Veda)

Höstsvindel, 24x30 cm 

Vintersvindel, 24x30 cm 

Echo of stars, 30x40 cm 

Linnunrata, 25x35 

The finnish name for the MilkyWay that means "the path of the birds".

Falling up, 24x30 cm 

Starrblommor, 15x21 cm 

"Och suset går vidare fram igenom skogen, buskarna prasslar och pratarförtroligt, och de vita små starrblomstren bugar och böjer sig fran mot varann" -From Tuvstarr´s fairytale by Helge Kjellin.

Linnunrata 2, 15x21 cm 

Dỳr, 30x30

Old Norse < Proto-Germanic *deuzam, the general Germanic word for "animal" (as opposed to man) < PIE *dheusom "creature that breathes" (root *dheu- "cloud, breath").

Acrylics on birch wood, 10x15 cm 

Some very small attempts with MilkyWay, Northernlights, Moonphases and the Little Dipper with Polaris.

On polished swedish birch wood.