My name is Alessia and I´m an italian self-taught artist who moved to Sweden to live with my boyfriend.

I started to paint on canvas in 2016 and with watercolours in the summer 2017 but I´ve always been very creative and interested in art since I was a little girl and I wanted to visit all the ancient buildings and museums I run in to. Due to this passion I attended "Classical studies" at the high school with classes of art history, literature, greek and latin.

I got a degree in Medieval Culture and Literature at the University in Genova and attended several classes of Scandinavian Studies as well because they are my other big interest in life.

The woods and the stars are what I usually enjoy to paint: often I add a caption to my pictures describing the mood behind them and if they´ve been inspired by a fairytale, a mythological story or an astronomical fact. I imagine the presence of small creatures living in the fog of the endless woods and the melancholy of the sunset and the dawn behind solitary environments. Only some animals are shown sometimes like embodiment of the spirit of the nature.

The universe and the celestial phenomena fascinate me as well and I like to try to create an ethereal bound our world and the sky.

You can read a little interview about me here:

Next exhibition:

-21-22/4/2019 at Sala Silvermine (Sweden)

Past exhibitions:

-Påskutställning 2017 in Maglehem (Sweden)

-19/6 - 12/7 2017 at Gallery Marcus, Ystad (Sweden)

-4/9 -5/10 2017 at Österängs Bibliotek, Kristianstad (Sweden)

-14/10 -5/11 2017 at "hÖsterlen Salongen", GyllenGården, Smedstorp (Sweden)

-3-5/11 2017 at  Konst Ting in Degeberga (Sweden)

-30/3- 8/4 2018 Påskutställning in Vitaby (Sweden)

-8-29/6 at Klättercentret in Malmö (Sweden)

-1-26/8 at Galleri 1, Bollerup (Skåne, Sweden)

- 19-21/10 at Juste Gallery (Stockholm)

-2-4/11/2018 at Konst Ting in Degeberga (Sweden)

Thank you for the visit!