I come from the north of Italy but, since some years back, I´ve been living in Österlen, Sweden.

I´m a self-taught artist who began to paint, three years ago, with acrylics on canvas and watercolours.

I graduated in Middle Ages Literature and History at the University in Genova where I also attended courses in Scandinavian Literatures and Swedish Language. 

I take inspiration from nordic folklore, fairytales and mythology but above all the woods and the stars. My art is collected in a virtual project called Skogens Rymd, rouglhy translated with "the space of the forest" to symbolise the connection between the earthy nature of the forest and the distant essence of the cosmos.

You can read a little interview about me here:


Instagram: skogens.rymd.art

Facebook: Skogens Rymd Art

Upcoming Exhibitions

-October 2019, solo ex. at Aoseum, Åhus (Sweden)

-November 2019, solo ex. at Tornedal &Co., Haparanda (Sweden)

Past exhibitions:

-Juli-September 2019, Konstevent & Auktion, Nordic Sea Winery, Simrishamn (Sweden)

-15/6-30/8 2019, Sommarsalong, Åstorps Konsthall (Sweden)

-21-22/4 2019, Sala Silvermine (Sweden)

-19-22/4 2019, Brösarps Mässhall (Sweden)

-2-4/11/2018, Konst Ting in Degeberga (Sweden)

- 19-21/10 2018, solo ex. at Juste Gallery (Stockholm)

-1-26/8 2018, Galleri 1, Bollerup (Skåne, Sweden)

-8-29/6 2018, Klättercentret in Malmö (Sweden)

-30/3- 8/4 2018, Påskutställning at Gamla Lanthandeln in Vitaby (Sweden)

-3-5/11 2017,  Konst Ting in Degeberga (Sweden)

-14/10 -5/11 2017, "hÖsterlen Salongen", GyllenGården, Smedstorp (Sweden)

-4/9 -5/10 2017, Österängs Bibliotek, Kristianstad (Sweden)

-19/6 - 12/7 2017, Solo ex. at Gallery Marcus, Ystad (Sweden)

-Påskutställning 2017 in Maglehem (Sweden)

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