Ales Stenar 30x40 cm Acrylic on canvas

On the 20th of june I had the incredible possibility to witness the Summer Solstice at Ales Stenar in Skåne, south of Sweden.

This is a megalithic monument, a stone ship that probably had the function of sun calendar (only one of the hypothesis). I have studied a lot of history and related subjects but for once, when I was there, I didn´t think about the knowledge and information concerning this archeological site.

My mind was really taken by the atomsphere of the moment: the Sun going down on one side of the ship and, at the same time, a super Fullmoon rising on the other, just over one of the tallest stones.

The sky was quite incredible: crossed by many lines of clouds that darkened the orange twilight. 

Being the Solstice, maybe it would have been better to have a completely clear sky to be able to spot the movements of the Sun, but I felt very satisfied for the emotion that the upcoming darkness created.

I´m going to say an obvious thing but too often we forget how mystical the Nature is and how much all the ancient peoples were able to perceive it.