Here you can find just some examples of my works. To have a look at my whole production (and still available pieces), please visit my instagram page or my facebook page Skogens Rymd Art. Thanks!

"To human kind, struggling in a chaotic world, the predictable movements of the stars and planets, the regular alternation of day and night, the repeated appearance and disappearance of the moon, showed that there was basic order in the universe"

"De Underjordiska" were, in the scandinavian folklore, different types of creatures believed to live under hills and mountains.

Animals and nature are my absolutely favorite things and a constant source of inspiration. 

"Förtrollningen ligger därnere" (The enchantment lays down there) is the last line of the fairytale of Tuvstarr (become so popular thanks to the beautiful illustrations by John Bauer). It refers to the lake in the story and the mysteries it hides. I got fascinated by the idea of hidden entities somewhere in the bottom of a lake or among the foggy woods.

"Solhjul", the ancestral symbol of the Sun Cross as it appears in many archaeological sites from the Bronze Age. This painting was the first of a serie where I used other symbols.

Aurora Borealis