Here you can find the works still available for sale. To have a look at my whole production and sold pieces, please visit my instagram page or my facebook page Skogens Rymd Art. Thanks!

Oil on canvas

Since spring 2019 I started to experiment with oil painting. Here you can see my first works.

Förtrollningen ligger därnere

The title for this serie comes from one of the most enchanting fairytales I've read: Tuvstarr by Helge Kjellin and became very famous because of John Bauer's beautiful illustrations. "The enchantment lays down there" refers to the lake in the story. I got fascinated by the idea of hidden entities and mystic animals hidden in the misty woods. Watercolours and acrylic paintings.

Axis Caeli

"To human kind, struggling in a chaotic world, the predictable movements of the stars and planets, the regular alternation of day and night, the repeated appearance and disappearance of the moon, showed that there was basic order in the universe"

Watercolours and acrylic paintings.

Aurora Borealis

Watercolours and acrylic paintings 

Acrylics on birch wood, 10x15 cm 

Some very small attempts with MilkyWay, Northernlights, Moonphases and the Little Dipper with Polaris.

On polished swedish birch wood.