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Förtrollningen ligger därnere

The title for this serie comes from one of the most enchanting fairytales I've read: Tuvstarr by Helge Kjellin and became very famous because of John Bauer's beautiful illustrations. "The enchantment lays down there" refers to the lake in the story. I got fascinated by the idea of hidden entities somewhere in the bottom of the lake or among the foggy woods, according to the belief that the fairies dance in the fog.

Blandt disse mørcke Graner

Once again I took inspiration from my favourite band: Ulver. The title is a line from the lyrics of Bergtatt album. The subject for the paintings is gloomy woods, just like after an autumn rain. I want to try to capture the magic and mistery of the fog. Autumn is my favorite season and my idea of it is a foggy forest, cozy but a little frightening at the same time.


Watercolors on paper, 23x30,5 cm 

Acrylics on birch wood, 10x15 cm 

Some very small attempts with MilkyWay, Northernlights, Moonphases and the Little Dipper with Polaris.

On polished swedish birch wood.